About Me

It took me two-and-a-half years in art school before I realized I in no way resembled an artist. No, really. I was horrible.
I mean truly, truly horrendous.
It wasn’t that I couldn’t make something nice—maybe even something worth displaying somewhere other than my grandmother’s home (because anything made by her grandchildren’s hands is art to her).
I just completely lacked creativity. I could do artist studies decently well. I could even eek out a decent sculpture if given enough time.
But creating something wholly my own just never worked for me. And it many ways, just as it characterized my school days, so does that inability color my life.
I come from a very artistic and creative family. My sister has been making amazing things all her life. My dad is a professional photographer. My mother is a singer and a fantastic DYI home decorator.
For a long time I tried to cement my own place on the visual side of the art world. I gave up singing very, very early. I got exactly zero of my mother’s talent there.
But it took me years to figure out that my niche isn’t in creating on my own.
I’m best when I’m taking others ideas and molding them for what my own needs may be.
I’ve learned to embrace my copy-cat qualities, and this blog is a celebration of that.
My goal with this blog is to share what’s inspired me, what I’ve tried and succeeded at, what failed that you should avoid like the plague (you don’t have to have a Pinterest account long before having an epic Pin failure).
My hope is that this inspires others to embrace imitation and run with it.

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