Thursday, September 12, 2013

ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS: Part 2- Necklace Art Wall

Continuing on my organization kick, I decided this week to tackle my jewelry situation.
I have a ridiculous number of necklaces. I've tried over and over again to purge my collection, but they're all so pretty!
That's part of what lead me to my organizing solution.
Why hide them away? They really are art pieces, why not treat them that way?
That feeling lead me to this.

I've had these narrow blank walls that have just never looked right. But now they're art galleries! (please ignore the messy desk... clearly that is in need of organizing as well)

 I have thin plaster walls, which made thin nails unmanageable. So instead I went with thumbtacks. 

 This is easily my favorite organization solution thus far. In addition to being an art piece, I wear a better variety of jewelry now that I can see them all. It's like I've discovered a whole new wardrobe. 

Stayed tuned for some more organizing solutions! And I'm still looking for suggestions--have a great solution people should know about? Let me know in the comments!

<3 CopyKat

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