Monday, August 12, 2013


I've probably heard that quote a million times. Maybe a million and two. 

But I don't think it resonated until this evening. 

A song was playing as I turned the TV off tonight. It brought back immediate memories of high school. 

I'm lucky, I remember my school days mostly with fondness. But it also seems to me bittersweet. 

I had it so good back then. 

But I constantly worried about my future. Where was I going to go to school? Would I ever have a boyfriend (I was sort of awkward as a teen. Oh let's face it, I'm awkward now too)? What if I didn't get a good job? 

What if? What if? What if? 

And you know what good that did me? Not a bit. 

Because all that time I spent focused on the future kept me from enjoying the great life I was living right then. 

As I was laughing at myself, thinking how naive I was, it hit me. 

Nothing has changed. I am still the person who worries about everything. 

I worry about being perfect. And has that made me perfect? Of course not! 

I worry about my job. And has that helped my job? Of course not, maybe even the opposite! 

I worry about my future. And has that made the road any clearer? Well, you get the point. 

I even worry about this blog. I have dozens of posts in my head, but I don't even attempt them, because I'm worried that it won't be good enough. 

By now, most of you are probably picking up on how silly this is. But I sincerely hope that someone out there has the same AHA! moment I did tonight. 

You and me, we deserve today's strength. 

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