Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Biggest Loser: Season 15!

It is ridiculous how much I love this show.
Reality TV is not my think.
TV in general is not my thing.
But I seriously look forward to Biggest Loser every year. 
Because it's more than TV. 
It's an inspiration. It's about more than just ratings. It's about bettering your life. 
And I plan on doing just that. 
It's very fitting that this season is about second chances.
Last year I pledged to ** to a more healthy lifestyle.
And I've mostly done that, though not with the fervor I had originally had when I was watching the show (and keeping myself accountable on another blog).
I'm taking this as an opportunity at a second chance of really changing my life.
Last year, when I was eating better, drinking more water and exercising consistently, I felt better. I got more out of life.
But then life gets in the way. Deadlines take precedence.
Working out seems irresponsible when my house is a mess.
I'm still eating much better than I was in the past (though I should be honest, this morning I had a donut for breakfast--so I'm not exactly doing the best either).
But it's time to kick it up a notch.
And Biggest Loser is just the right way to get back on track!  

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