Friday, November 1, 2013

The Fall Shop-Your-Closet Challenge

There are a lot of people who herald the appearance pumpkin-flavored-everything as the signal that fall is upon us. 
The trees, they are a-changin'
While that's an early indicator for me, I don't truly embrace the fall spirit until the leaves turn. 
That finally happened over the weekend. 
It's been a RIDICULOUSLY damp year in the Midwest, which at least results in some really, really nice colors in the trees. 

I have a plan to post about my plans for 2014, but as a quick, Reader's Digest version, I'll mention that I have hopes for betterment. 
One part of that over-arching goal is curtailing my shopping habit. Inspired by the From Shopping to Saving blog, I'm hoping to make 2014 the year I get my finances under control. 
And to that end, I'm jumping a bit ahead in this last little sliver of 2013 to accomplish this. 

I've seen dozens of posts about shopping your closet, and have loved the idea. 
I have a ridiculous amount of clothes. Ridiculous. Seriously.

So this fall I'm starting (and encouraging you to join me) in a shop-your-closet challenge for the fall. My goal is to not buy anything--ANYTHING--clothes, shoes or jewelry related for the entire season. 

This may sound a bit crazy, but I think we all tend to seriously under-estimate how much we really own and how versatile those pieces are. 

As the season continues, I'll post tips and tricks I'm using to stretch my style (without becoming stale) here on the blog. You can also follow me over on Instagram for outfit posts. If you want to come along, let's use the #shopyourclosetchallenge hashtag. 

So what do you think? Will you join me on the challenge? 

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