Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vagina Surgery?

Lately I have gotten a ridiculous number of telemarketing calls to my work line. 
But I try to be patient with them.
I mean, no one aspires to the job of telemarketer. 
No one wakes up one day in a successful job and gives it all up to call people who 9.9999 times out of ten don't want to be bothered. 
So I generally let the callers go for a bit, let them make their great offer (all the while writing an email or some other work thing and not remotely paying attention to whatever the offer is) and politely decline. 
Then they usually try a few more times to sell me something, and I eventually just hang up. 
But not this time. 
This poor guy had tried to call me three times earlier in the day, only to have his call dropped right after he'd tell me his name. 
So he finally got through, but I had a really hard time understanding him. He had a really thick accent (I'm horrible with accents, despite my best attempts at being worldly) and had to have him repeat things a few times. 
Eventually I'm pretty sure he tells me he's from a medical survey group.
Then he dropped the bomb:
"Have you ever had vagina surgery?"
Cue the long pause, wondering if I had heard him incorrectly. 

Poor guy was uncomfortable too. I don't know if he knew what he was asking, but he knew it was an awkward subject. 

I eventually huffed, "WELL, THAT'S A PERSONAL QUESTION!!" and hung up like some uptight old biddy. 

But who seriously expects to be asked something like that?

The guys at work have all sorts of suggestions now for responses I should have given, but wit on the fly has never much been my thing.

But now, if that ever happens again, I have a comeback! 

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