Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Story

I had such a sweet Christmas experience today, and I just had to share it.
It made my season, and I hope it at least warms your heart a little. :) 
My boyfriend and I have been housesitting out of town for his aunt and uncle, which means that I haven't been home to get the flood of packages this time of year (both Christmas and birthday presents for me). 
I've been trying to visit pretty regularly when I can get away from work, but apparently one of my neighbors noticed  I hadn't been around. 
Now I have to tell you, I don't live in the best neighborhood. 
For instance, a few weeks ago we had a big ice and snow storm. 
Some of my other neighbors stood on their porch watching as I desperately tried to get my car out of the driveway. I was utterly unsuccessful and got so frustrated I burst into tears, all with a  rather unhelpful audience across the street. 
So, that said, I've learned to assume that all my neighbors aren't exactly warm and welcoming. 
But there's a new couple next door, who I haven't really met yet. 
They were the ones who noticed I've been out. 
They so thoughtfully have been grabbing the packages that the post office has left, and left me a note so I knew they were next door. They didn't want my Christmas to be ruined by someone taking something from my porch!! 
Isn't that so thoughtful? 
That absolutely made my Christmas. It might just be the best present I get this year :) 

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