Thursday, June 6, 2013

New J. Crew Inspiration

I have a problem. 
When I come across a good deal, I have a hard time walking away. 
It's like an addiction. 
But, lucky for me, I'm also creative enough to make the best of it. 
Case in point, I came across these J. Crew-look alike necklaces at Bauble Bar. 
Only $15!!!

They came today, and don't get my wrong, they are BEAUTIFUL, but why do I need four? I don't need four.
So instead, I decided to make a new necklace--and a little something extra!
The first thing I did was take some of the largest links off of the necklace. 

So now I'm left with four pieces with a bead attached on the necklace, and three without. Gotta fix that! All I did was take three of the beads for the extra pieces and attach them (with the same hooks they already had) back on to the necklace. 

But then I had some extra pieces. Why waste them?
So instead, I made them a bracelet! 
Now, the final product: 
Not bad, eh? (I'm talking about the jewelry, obviously)

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