Thursday, August 15, 2013


I don't know what it is, but I'm on a major organization kick lately.

I started--where else?-- in my closet/makeup area.

I live in a very old house, so it didn't have a closet per se. Which meant I got to convert a whole room into a closet!

Yeah, I know. Dream come true.

Finally, after living here for a little more than year, I think I've come up with a system that works for me.

I'm in no way a morning person, so the easier, the better.

This is my cobbled-together vanity. I took a regular desk (actually a family heirloom) and just put a BIG mirror on top.

After months of looking for a "real" vanity, I finally gave up. I never found anything big enough or even close to my price range. ($200? Yeah right).

I like the desk setup because all the drawers make it easy to see ALL of my makeup and keep some things out of sight.

On top, I have my vanity mirror. (Which I highly recommend. Good lighting is soo important).

For a long time I had a case for all my makeup brushes, but inevitably they'd all end up strewn all over the place.

With a thrift-store vase:

And some floral beads:

I made an easy brush holder that keeps all of my brushes in sight in a put-together way.

And where did you get that beautiful Lucite tray, you ask?

You'll never guess.


It's actually just a cheapo clear box frame. $3 booyah.

And most importantly, two of the pretties ladies I know. My mom and sister. 

So this is just the beginning of my organization makeover. What clever tricks do you have up your sleeve?

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