Friday, September 6, 2013

A Day in the Life

I would much, much, much rather be at New York Fashion Week.
But alas, my week has instead been consumed with writing a few pieces on jail overcrowding. Woot.
On Thursday, I knew I needed to add some spice to my week or I was going to go mad in project hell.
Every once in awhile someone asks me what being a crime reporter is like, so I thought I'd do a photo post on what a "normal" day in a newsroom looks like.
I say "normal" because one of the good things about the news business is that your day is never the same. Ever.
So here's what Thursday looked like!
Thursday I spent most of my day in jail (who gets to ever say that in a positive way?). But there are rules--including that I can't look too overly feminine. Some of the males in there haven't seen women in a long time. It makes for an awkward situation if I'm too "exciting." So I went for a basic no-makeup makeup look.
The roses outside my front door. They've hung in there while a lot of my flowers have given up in this weird September, Midwest heat. 
Long days require large coffees.
The only thing I was allowed to take inside the jail with me. No phone, which also meant no photos :(
I "escaped" in time to go to one of my favorite Springfield spots-Casper's

Casper's is a chili joint that only opens for the fall and winter. It may have been 90 degrees outside, but I needed my chili fix.

See? I've missed this for months. 
Now I'm back at the office. Which means writing, writing, writing. Which is kinda boring. But look! There are cute little yellow submarines in my drink!
Finally home after a long day. The first thing to greet me is my oh-so-sad vegetable garden. I tried. Really.
Oliver waits about half a second for me to get through the door before it's time for him to get some affection. He's one cuddly cat.
Lucy is never far behind. She's a 60-pound dog that insists on sitting in my lap.

Sticky just insists on cuddling. 

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