Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring on 2014

I'm in a unique spot in that Christmas, my birthday and New Year's all fall within about a week.
For me, that means the end of the year is about time spent with family, appreciating what really matters and looking forward to the year ahead.  
I've been thinking hard for the past week or so about what I want 2014 to look like. 
In the past, I haven't really been much into New Years' Resolutions. 
Honestly, I completely lack the self-control to stick with them.
But I've gotten to the age (I'm 27 now, doesn't that sound like an adult age?) where I'm beginning to value personal growth more and more. 
So with growth and betterment in mind, I've finally decided on four resolutions this year:
- Be more social: This one's been on my mind a lot lately. I am not naturally a social person. I am very much a bookworm. But too often I make that a crutch, and make excuses instead of growing as a social person. To be clear, I'm not trying to become a social butterfly. That's just not my personality. But I'm missing quality time with good people because I'm too afraid or lazy to get out there. 
- Focus on health: 2013 was a year of big milestones for me--good and bad. I hit my highest weight yet, but that was enough to get my butt into gear. While 2013 was about getting back into a positive direction, especially when it came to what I eat, I envision 2014 as a year I take it a step further and really focus on health. For instance, I want to focus on whole foods and nutrition--not just a maximum amount of calories a day. I also rediscovered my love of running late in 2013, and I hope to make that more of a constant in my life.
-Be more frugal: I spend too much money. On stupid things. Things I don't need. 
And the biggie:
-Be more present: So often I catch myself going through the motions, just getting through the day. Or spending time with friends but really thinking about that deadline at work. There are a million different examples I can think of. So just how do I go about being more present? 
No idea. Stay tunned. I'm working on that one.
Regardless of  whether I meet all my goals or blow them all by next week, I'm looking forward to the next year, especially with you, dear readers!

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