Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Everyone has their weaknesses. 
One of mine happens to be glitter.
What is it about glitter?
Everything is better with glitter. 
For example: these votives. 

 They were perfectly fine before. 
But fine just really wasn't what I was going for. I'm on a recent mission to rid my life of clutter (since I'll be moving soon, for one), I've been paring down the tchotchkes in my home. 
This has been my recent motto:

But then I got a tube of glitter.
 And once you open a tube of glitter, you can't just do one project. The first was just to write our names on the cheap-o stockings I got (I will be festive this holiday season! I will!!)
After that I had an almost full tube of glitter. 
Can't let it go to waste!
So I got to gluing. At first, I tried superglue. Bad idea. Stick with the good-old Elmer's. 
Second, I tried to follow the existing design on the votive. That also did not work, because Elmer's just doesn't stay thin and tacky enough to maintain the shape. 
Blobby is not a good look
So then I just went wild and covered the whole thing in glue, going small section by section. I just used the cap on the glue bottle to spread an even, pretty think layer of glue from top to bottom in 1-inch sections. Between each section I let it dry for a minute or two just so it wouldn't move when I turned the votive. 
*Note* I did not roll the votive in the glitter, I sprinkled it on. Rolling is a lot messier. Trust me.
And look at the result! 

This is now the scene of my bedside storage bin-turned bedside table (which I hope to replace with some real furniture someday soon. 

What about that awesome gold skull, you ask? It was a plastic skull from the Dollar Store's Halloween decorations that I spray painted gold. The tray? Another dollar store find.

And you know what the best part is? I still have lots of glitter left :)

<3 CopyKat

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