Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Indeed

I've mentioned a few times on this blog that I'm really trying to be better about spending money.
I'm horrible with my own money. If it's there, I want to spend it.
Don't get me wrong, I pay all my bills and all that. I'm not that bad of an addict.
But if I have some extra money sitting around, or a significant amount of remaining credit on a credit card, it's gone sooner than I have a chance to think, hey, wait. What are you thinking!?!?
So I've been working really hard in recent months to curb my everything is such a great deal that I should get it right now or I'll die syndrome.
And I've made progress.
But in life there are always temptations--and for a shopping/deal addict Black Friday/ Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday are kryptonite.
I have already filled shopping carts on three different websites today before I've physically had to get up from my desk, take a breath and hit that little x.
Woo, so far so good.
I do think a good part of progress has been thanks to the blog.
In all honesty, when I launched the Fall Shop Your Closet Challenge, I had real doubts I'd be able to make it.
But every time I've seen a great pair of boots or yet another black sweater, I've thought--but what about my blog followers? What if they find out? What would they think?
And so far that's been a good deterrent.
So how many of you have taken the challenge? Is it working? Do you hate me now for thinking of it?

<3 CopyKat

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