Thursday, July 2, 2015

A big move--in more ways than one!

I'm doing the most adult of adult-life things (at least in my opinion). I'm buying a house! 
Am I crazy? A single lady, buying a house? 
Well, yes, probably.
But I've just felt it's time, and the stars aligned, so to say. And why the heck should I wait for a man in my life to buy a house? 
Why am I asking so many questions?
Ha! You can tell I'm excited, because coherent thoughts aren't really happening right now. 
Long story short, a number of things came together at the same time--I've had no luck finding a good rental, my parents are in a good financial place to be the ones doing the buying at first, and I found the  Most. Perfect. Place. 
Here's hoping everything goes well and it's really mine after all this crazy home-buying process! 
My initial offer has been accepted, so next is the inspection. I will, in fact, be a nervous wreck until all of that paperwork is signed and the keys are in my hand. . . Which, if all goes as planned, will be less than three weeks from now. THREE WEEKS! 
I really must be crazy. 

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