Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make it gold

My mom gave me a fantastic three-foot pedestal when I first moved to the house. 

But it's just never worked. 

It's been in just about every corner of the house. 

But it just never fit. 

You know what I mean?

I think part of it was the color. I didn't remember to take a photo before (sorry!) but it was a really great green color. 

That great color just never worked in my house. 

So I painted it gold. 
Of course the cat makes a cameo.

Doesn't it look great? 

But then a new problem arose: 
Now one solution would have just been to drill a hole in the bottom of a flower pot to navigate that weird spike thing. 

But there are two issues with this. 

For one, I'm really bad at overwatering plants. So drilling a hole in the bottom of a pot would have opened a pathway for water to run down and ruin that beautiful gold. 

And secondly, I had no intention of ruining the vase I wanted to use with the pedestal by drilling a hole in it. 

So instead I got a little creative. 

I took an old cookie tin and covered with that same gold spray paint. 

Then I punched a hole in the bottom using a hammer and a screwdriver. 

 And viola! 
 I think Sticky approves. 

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