Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another lesson from Martha

Martha Stewart has a reputation for being perfect.
She's gorgeous. She hand-makes everything. And everything she makes is perfect.
Turns out she's a horrible photographer. 
So plenty of jokes have been made about the food (the responses might even be the best part of those posts).
But, if I'm being honest, this made me love Martha even more.
Because, it turns out, she's human. 
She's not great at everything. She's not perfect.
And none of us should try to be.
I've always struggled with the idea that if I'm not perfect, I'm not worthy.
I have no idea where I got such a silly idea embedded in my head. But man, it's stuck there.
There's a constant, nagging voice that just breaks me down every time I'm confronted with something that isn't perfect.
But yet again, Martha has taught me a lesson--one that I hope people like me can grasp on to.
For the love of Pete, if Martha Stewart can't be everything to everyone, who the hell ever could?

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