Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fall Shop Your Closet Challenge: Fix it!

Alright, bloggies, how is your go at the Fall Shop Your Closet Challenge going?
Do you hate it yet?
It's ok to hate it at first, really. 
I'm waaaay overdue to pass on some tips on what I plan on doing to keep up with the challenge.
The first--fix it, don't trash it. 
I have the most wonderful pair of brown boots. I get complements on them ALL.THE. TIME. 
Which is probably why these poor guys have a big 'ole hole in them now. Because I wear them constantly. 
Sad boot

In years past, I would have tossed these babies and spent countless hours and probably a stupid amount of money replacing them. 
See how cute this boot is? Please ignore the fact that it is surrounded by cat hair.
But not this time. Instead, I decided to try my hand at fixing them myself. 

How in the world did you plan that, you ask?

Enter sugru. 
I have no idea what the correct pronunciation is. 

This really isn't a product placement, I swear. (Even though the logo seems to have found its way into multiple photos.) Sugru doesn't even know who I am. 

But this stuff is great and you should totally get some. 

It's an air-drying rubber that forms to whatever you add it to. In my case, le boot. 

I decided that just fixing the toe of the boot would look odd, so I took a thin bead of sugru around the whole edge. Think of those little Play-Dough snakes you used to roll out as a kid. Same process. 
Then just make sure you smush and smooth it into place. 
A little goes a long way. I used one "mini pack" for each boot.
And voila! Practically all new, waterproof boots. 
So what are some ways you've found to extend the life of your favorite clothing items? Tell me about them in the comments!

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